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Death Must Die: Is There Meta Progression?

Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Christian Gallos



Death Must Die: Is There Meta Progression? Featured Image

Half the fun of playing a roguelite is repeatability and the potential of unlocking new items and buffs to increase your stats. Knowing you can build your character with each run and progress to defeat harder levels and beat tougher bosses is exciting.

Players on Steam have wondered whether the new indie roguelite Death Must Die has any meta-progression and growth to get past more challenging floors like the dreaded green slime arena. 

Is there Meta Progression in Death Must Die

The short answer is not really. Death Must Die doesn’t provide much meta-progression outside of runes, talent unlocks, and items.

Players can get runes when they accomplish achievements however these can be difficult to accomplish and the runes themselves provide little buffs for what they’re worth.

As for the gear, progression is slow-paced and almost meaningless due to the reroll element of the game.

Death Must Die: Is There Meta Progression?

The rate of getting rare items may be increased per boss defeated but with the meta-progression of the game mostly relying on RNG, it can be discouraging for players to keep going on runs.

Some players have suggested that the reroll chance to get Expert, Master, and Legendary upgrades should be removed completely and replaced with a permanent progression system like using gold to purchase permanent buffs instead. 

Needless to say, despite the lack of meta progression in the game, it shouldn’t discourage you from checking the game out for yourself if you’re interested. Grinding may be difficult, but with time you can craft your own impressive build and defeat harder difficulties in the game. 

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