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Dead Island 2: All Available Weapons in the Game

Learn what zombie-killing tools you will be able to get your hands on!




Dead Island 2 wouldn’t be a proper open-world zombie-killing game without a lot of weapons. Recent trailers and previews have displayed the game’s varied arsenal, ranging from knives to assault rifles.

This means there are quite a lot of weapons at your disposal! In this article, we’ll cover all of the available weapons that you can find in the game.

What Weapons Are Available in Dead Island 2

Source: OpenVision

Weapons in Dead Island 2 seem to largely fall into the same archetypes we saw in the previous games. That means we will have slashing, blunt, and thrown weapons as well as firearms.

Moreover, it’s likely that some of the 6 playable zombie slayers will have a preference for a specific weapon type!

For example, Amy has a skill that increases her damage with thrown weapons. On the other hand, the stealthy Bruno will likely prefer knives.

Source: OpenVision

Another important thing to note in what we’ve seen is the firearms. Dead Island 2 still seems to focus on melee combat, but firearms appear to be getting a larger role than in Dead Island 1.

While the first game mostly saved firearms for its final acts, Dead Island 2 seems to feature guns much more prominently. It’s left to be seen how they will balance them, but they look fantastic so far!

You’ll also be able to apply a variety of mods on your weapons. For example, a simple sledgehammer is kind of boring, but you can make it electric to send zombies flying and make it more fun to use!

Source: OpenVision

We don’t yet know every weapon that will feature in the game, sadly. However, here’s a list of some of the weapons that have been shown in trailers and previews so far:

  • Slashing Weapons: Katana, Fire Axe, Knife, Machete, Spear, Cutlass, Chainsaw, Reaper.
  • Blunt Weapons: Baton, Pipe, Shovel, Golf Club, Wrench, Tonfa, Baseball Bat, Hammer, Sledgehammer.
  • Fist Weapons: Brass Knuckles, Claws
  • Thrown Weapons: Molotov Cocktails, Shuriken, Electricity Box.
  • Firearms: Pistol, Revolver, Assault Rifle, Bolt-Action Rifle, SMG, Shotgun.

As you can see, we have been shown quite a lot of weapons. There will surely be even more when the full game releases. With mods on top of that, you will be able to pick your favorite zombie-slaying tool!

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