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Last Epoch 1.0: Ultimate Masteries Tier List | Which are Best?

Not all Masteries are equally masterful.




Are you wondering which of the 15 Masteries in Last Epoch 1.0 are the best? Well, it’s time for a tier list to help figure that out!

Masteries are the advanced classes you can pick once you reach a certain level for your base class. There are a total of 3 Masteries for each one of the 5 base classes, giving you a lot of build options.

Read on and we’ll go over our Masteries tier list so that you can see which ones are the best, while also giving you a short reason for their placement.

Ultimate Masteries Tier List for Last Epoch 1.0

S Tier

Last Epoch 1.0: Ultimate Masteries Tier List - Promotional Screenshot
  • Falconer – The Falconer is still quite new to the game, but she’s fantastic. This powerful Mastery can deal devastating damage with its minions while staying safe with its top-tier mobility. If you think about choosing Falconer, check out our Falconer leveling guide.
  • Runemaster – Easily the best Mastery for the Mage, and one of the best in the game. Its powerful spells can apply devastating Damage Over Time, and it has surprisingly good defensive options for the Mage.
  • Paladin – Few Masteries can reach the insane levels of survivability that the Paladin can, making it one of the easiest to excel with. Its damage is as incredible as its sturdiness, too!
Last Epoch 1.0: Ultimate Masteries Tier List - Promotional Screenshot
  • Necromancer – The best Mastery for those who seek to play a minion-focused playstyle. You can have huge groups of powerful fiendish creatures out, making it easy to overwhelm all your foes.
  • Druid – The Druid has a bit of a slow start and poor mobility, but its incredibly strong beast forms can shred foes in seconds when used properly.
  • Void Knight – Very high damage paired with very high survivability. Its powerful Area of Effect skills can quickly dispatch large groups of enemies effortlessly!

A Tier

Last Epoch 1.0: Ultimate Masteries Tier List - Promotional Screenshot
  • Forge Guard – A minion-focused Mastery for the Sentinel. Its over-reliance on minions makes it feel less versatile than the other Sentinel Masteries, but it’s extremely powerful in the right hands.
  • Warlock – By far the best defense and recovery out of any of the Acolyte’s Masteries. Excels at burning foes with powerful necrotic flames, but can get a tad overly-chaotic to play.
  • Shaman – The Shaman Mastery gives the Primalist a lot of unique transformations that can easily demolish foes in the right hands. Its mobility and defenses are somewhat lacking, though.
Last Epoch 1.0 Gameplay
  • Beastmaster – One of the strongest minion-focused Masteries in the game, with some of its builds being considered “too good to use” by some. However, it’s overly reliant on getting specific Unique items.
  • Bladedancer – Extremely agile, having possibly the best mobility and attack speed of the Rogue’s Masteries. Its squishiness and relatively high-skill floor make it hard to recommend for everyone, though.
  • Lich – A bit of an oddball Mastery. You’ll constantly be at death’s door, as it requires a very risky playstyle. However, it more than makes up for it with its insane damage potential and speed.

B Tier

Last Epoch 1.0 Gameplay
  • Sorcerer – This is a highly versatile and fun Mage Mastery. Its one big downside is simply that it can’t compare to the Runemaster, which is also a Mage Mastery. In short, it’s not bad but it gets outdone!
  • Marksman – The Marksman is a relatively fun Mastery, but it has a critical lack of mobility. Using most of its bow skills will prevent you from moving, which is terrible when paired with the Rogue’s low defense.
  • Spellblade – In its current state, the Spellblade is a hard sell. Most of the Mage’s skills don’t really work well with the Spellblade’s melee focus, which makes the Mastery lack versatility in the endgame.
Last Epoch 1.0 Gameplay

Phew, that brings us to the end of our tier list. Always remember, though, that tier lists are only really there for reference. Don’t feel like you just need to play one of the top tiers to enjoy Last Epoch.

In fact, if you’re creating your very own build, it’s better to just play whichever class and Mastery sounds most appealing. Just, you know, keep that in mind!

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