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Best Pets to Get in Darkest Dungeon 2

There’s a variety of pets to pick from, but some excel above the rest.




Pets are one of the new mechanics in Darkest Dungeon 2, and picking the best pets will be important for your heroes’ survival.

Pets are counted as part of your stagecoach and provide a variety of benefits. Most of them rely on having specific types of equipment in your stagecoach, so you need to plan around them!

In this guide, we’ll go over which pet types are the best to use.

Best Pets in Darkest Dungeon 2

Orphan Wolf Cub

Source: ShuffleFM

The Orphan Wolf Cub will be the first pet you unlock. While it’s not straight up the best, it’s one of the best for most players. It helps that you don’t need to invest a lot into unlocking it, either!

The wolf cub will provide you with +5% Stress RES for every piece of Luxury Gear on your stagecoach, plus it gives you a +10% Positive Relationship Chance. It’s a great pet for managing stress.

Pygmy Pliskin

Source: ShuffleFM

The second one you will unlock is the Pygmy Pliskin which is another one of the best in the game. This snakey fellow will make it easier to keep your heroes alive.

It provides +5% Healing Received for every Medical Gear equipped and will also heal a random hero by 5% after each location. It’s the pet to have if you need some extra healing!

Mucilaginous Slime

Source: ShuffleFM

Next up we have the Mucilaginous Slime, which is unlocked a tad later. This pet is particularly good because it’s built around very useful Road equipment, so it’s easy to use.

The slime will give you +5% Debuff RES for every Road equipment in your stagecoach, which is a huge help. It will also make it much more likely to loot items from Road Debris, though the game doesn’t specify the chance.

Shambler’s Spawn

Last but not least, the Shambler’s Spawn. This is one of the last pets you will unlock, and it’s quite unique as it provides a special benefit. Some players straight-up consider it the best in the game!

Having the Shambler’s Spawn will allow you to have two Cultist Trinkets and will also nearly guarantee that you scout Cultist encounters. However, it will make it nearly impossible to scout locations and routes.

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