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Where to Find Missing Painting in Resident Evil Village

Arrange the paintings according to their animal partner




Resident Evil Village is an enjoyable atmospheric horror game. However, the game also includes puzzles that for players, often disrupt the immersion.

One of the puzzles in the game is to find missing paintings in the mansion.

This guide will quickly help you find the Missing painting to solve the puzzle.

Where to Find Missing Painting

After the player gets the second mask, you need to get the snake painting that’s located in the guest room bathroom.

Image credits: No-nonesenseguides

The guest room bathroom is located in the guest room. Just enter the door inside the room to enter the bathroom.

Once you have the snake painting, you can proceed to the room with the puzzles to solve it.

Image credits: No-nonesenseguides

It’s apparent that the paintings need to be arranged in a certain order. If you look closely, one side of the painting contains predators while the other side is prey. Arrange the paintings so that each animal is facing its appropriate partner.

  • The Frog faces Snake painting
  • The Butterfly faces the Spider painting
  • The Sheep faces the world
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Once you’ve arranged it accordingly, this will successfully accomplish the puzzle.

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