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The Cycle Frontier: Where to Find NV Helmet

In The Cycle: Frontier, the NV Helmet is one of the most OP items you can use, especially in dark areas.




In The Cycle: Frontier, you will play as a prospector and travel to the extraterrestrial planet, Fortuna III, to seek treasure and resources.

Aside from that, you must also contend with threats such as violent local monsters, radioactive storms (the titular Cycle), and other prospectors looking for loot. To improve your survival rate, you need the best gear possible. The NV Helmet is one of the most OP items that grants enhanced vision in dark areas.

Where to Find NV Helmet in The Cycle Frontier

The NV or Night Vision Helmet, as the name suggests, grants you better vision in the dark so you can see incoming enemies or your surroundings easier.

It is one of the most useful pieces of equipment in the game that you should get your hands on. However, getting it is not as easy as it sounds. This article will show you the NV Helmet’s locations.

Locating NV Helmet

According to the game developers, you can’t craft the NV Helmet, so the only way to obtain it is to find it.

It has a super low drop percentage, and you can usually find it inside Red Chests on the Crescent Falls map. The Mine also has an abundance ofRed Chests, but they are usually just blue or purple armor.

Thus, the Crescent Falls is your best bet. Just look for Red Chests and you might come across the NV Helmet. If you’ve looked at these areas and you still can’t find the NV Helmet, you can always choose to steal it from another player who has it.

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