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The Cycle Frontier: Where to Find Epic Keycards

In The Cycle: Frontier, Epic Keycards are special items that can open rooms filled with loot.




In The Cycle: Frontier, you’ll take on the role of a prospector looking for treasure and resources on the extraterrestrial planet, Fortuna III. You’ll have to deal with local monsters, radioactive storms, and other looters.

Epic Keycards is a special item that can unlock rooms full of valuable loot. There is a specific area that has a lot of them.

Where to Find Epic Keycards in The Cycle Frontier

Epic Keycards or Keycards, in general, appear in random areas and are generally found within other resources. The best way is to search buildings for jackets and safes.

Starport Admin is the best and highly recommended area to farm Keycards because it has a lot of resources where you can find Keycards.

Locating Keycards

Starport Admin is located in Crescent Falls, as shown on the map above. This place is a high-risk area and is quite dangerous as it is filled with many monsters and other prospectors who are also looking for Keycards.

Naturally, this place is the best place to farm for Keycards as it has an abundance of jackets, safes, and briefcases which is where Keycards are usually found. There is a chance you can come across an Epic Keycard in this area.

Although the place is highly dangerous, you don’t need to equip yourself with the best gear as it is alright to die as long as you have already stored the Keycards in your safe pockets.

Of course, it would be better if you don’t. So, make sure to bring something that you can use to defend yourself against monsters or other players.

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