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The Cycle Frontier: Where to find Blast Ticks

Blast Ticks is one of the equipment you need to find in order to finish a mission, here’s how you can find it.




Cycle Frontier is a competitive quest shooter with a genre of PvEvP, which stands for players versus the environment and players. Players have a role of prospectors that is provided with contracts that they need to complete on a treacherous planet called Fortuna III.

Players must complete their contract and fight against 19 players within the match. One of the important monsters called blast tick

Where to find Blast Ticks

Aside from scavenging materials, players need to complete a mission, some of them are item loots, and some of them are “kill this type of monster”.

You can find ticks on the watery part of the map. Most of the ticks are located between the swamp camp and rock pools. But when you are having a hard time finding them, some are located in the southern part of the jungle.

What is a blast tick?

There are three ticks that you will encounter while dealing with this mission.

Acid ticks are green ticks that have a green toxic cloud after exploding. A brood Tick is a white tick that has a luring effect that summons yellow and green ticks, shooting its head will prevent the spawning of new ticks. Blast Ticks are red/orange ticks that simply explode.

Do not get confused with these ticks, they all have differences, and the easiest tick to loot, are the red ones.

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