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The Cycle Frontier: Pure Veltecite Location

Pure Veltecite is an extremely rare material in The Cycle: Frontier. We’ll help you find some.




Pure Veltecite is required for some quests but also some high-level crafts. It’s an extremely rare material, however. While we can’t make you become suddenly lucky enough to find it fast, we can tell you the best spots to farm for it.

Pure Veltecite Location in The Cycle Frontier

Pure Veltecite Location in The Cycle Frontier

Pure Veltecite is an extremely rare variant of the veltecite mineral. That means you’ll have to be patient and keep trying when you want to find some. There are no guaranteed spots for it or anything of the sort, you simply need to keep mining. What we can help you with, however, is telling you the best veltecite mining spots. After all, the more veltecite you get, the higher your chance to get a Pure Veltecite is. Don’t forget to bring your mining tools.

Veltecite is commonly found all over both Bright Sands and Crescent Falls. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll be focusing on Bright Sands, as it’s the easier of the two. The map below will show you some key spots.

Pure Veltecite Location in The Cycle Frontier

First off, you’ll want to stick to the areas near the river and waterfalls. Waterfalls have lots of veltecite in particular. Look for the rocks with purple gems sticking out and mine there. The spots in the map covered with red circles are all good spots with lots of veltecite. Just stick to the surroundings of waterfalls and rivers.

“I Saw The Horse” Secret Cave

Now, you might be wondering about that one green square on the top right of the map’s picture? That’s a special case. While that waterfall itself has lots of veltecite, there is also a hidden cave below the waterfall itself. This cave is full of veltecite, making it an ideal spot for mining. When in that area, you might see a graffiti that says “I Saw The Horse”. This denotes the entrance to the cave. It’s sort of an easter egg cave, but it’s fantastic for mining veltecite, so check it out.

With all that said, you simply need perseverance. Since it’s purely random, it might take you a long while to get some Pure Veltecite. On the other hand, you might luck out and get one on your first try. It’s a wild shot when it comes to randomization in games. Just be patient and keep trying!

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Grounded: The Hidden Chip Location | Rotten Log Chip Guide | Ash Recipe

Travel underwater and underground. Find the Hidden Chip Location and learn the Ash Recipe.





Playing Grounded requires you to take on different adventures including traveling, fighting, crafting, and even collecting items. One of the things that you must collect is the BURG.L chips.

Collecting these BURG.L chips and handing them over to BURG.L will let you unlock new and different gameplay features. However, the chips are located in different map areas and it is your task to find all of them even the hardest ones to find.

In this guide, we will reveal the hidden location of the BURG.L chip in the rotten log. This guide will explain everything you need to know in finding this BURG.L chip.

The Hidden Chip Location | Rotten Log Chip Guide | Ash Recipe in Grounded

If you have already explored every corner of the upper yard area of the map, yet are still having a hard time finding the BURG.L chip indicated on the map, then I think you have landed on the perfect guide.

To find that hidden chip, there are a few things that you must prepare with you. These things are the Assistant Manager Keycard, a bubble helmet, fin flops, and a gill tube. These items are necessary for your journey underwater.

But, first things first. You must first head your way towards the abandoned underwater lab. Looking at the lower part of the lab itself, you will see a circular doorway that will serve as your entrance. Interact with it and enter the lab.

As you enter the lab, head upwards and go to the room which is directly on its right. From there, you will see a locked door. Use your Assistant Manager Keycard to gain access to this room. Once you enter the room, you will see a button there. Press it to open up the door that you will need later.

After that, you can still go and check out the whole area to find some more random items and raw science. But this time, we will have to go next to the rotten log location.

Rotten Log Location

Source: Sir Sim-Alot

If you follow the indication on the map, you will arrive in this area. You will see a tube embedded in the ground. All you have to do is jump on the dents of the log to serve as a platform for an easy entrance to the tube. However, it might take you a while on this part since it is actually hard to land perfectly on the tube.

Once you have succeeded, drop down inside the tube and it will reveal an abandoned lab tipped over.

Basically, you will have to move around by jumping over the fallen equipment to get to your location. Keep jumping until you reach the Stump Outpost. Keep jumping until you reach the damaged section or room above.

Once you reach the room, face right and look for another hole to jump down. You will realize that you have fallen into nasty water. From there, face the right side which has a glass wall that you can see through. Jump over it and jump to the terminal to open the door you found at your first landing from the tube.

After you have activated the door, you have to do another series of jumping scenes until you get back to the top. Then, go back to where you started and you will be able to access Door A.

As you enter Door A, you will fall directly on the BURG.L chip that we are looking for. Get out of the lab by going through the hole with raw science and by following the path.

Hand Over the BURG.L Chip

After you finally found this chip, go and talk to BURG.L. Give the chip you got and you will receive rewards and recipes.

For the Rotten Log Chip, you will receive 5,000 raw science and unlock Stump Chips.

You will have to use the Stump Chips in the ASL Terminal to see what you have unlocked in the Science Shop. After checking, you will obtain Advanced Building: Ash Cement.

Advanced Building: Ash Cement

Now that you have obtained the recipe for ash cement, here is how to craft it.

First, you have to make Charcoal Ash using charcoal. After that, you can now make ash cement by using  1 rust, 2 charcoal ash, and 2 clay.

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