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The Cycle Frontier: Glowy Brightcap Mushroom Location

Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms are a material in The Cycle: Frontier. Used for both quests and crafting. We’ll tell you exactly where to find them.




Regular brightcap mushrooms are fairly easy to find. They’re all over the place in the Jungle and Swamp of Bright Sands. But what about the glowy variant? These are a lot rarer due to one simple thing. We’ll tell you all about it so you know exactly how to get them.

Glowy Brightcap Mushroom Location in The Cycle Frontier

First off, there’s one thing you’ll need to know. Glowy Brightcam Mushrooms can only be found during storms. No ifs or buts, you’ll have to brave the storm if you need these mushrooms. If you go to their areas when there’s no storm active, you’ll find regular Brightcap Mushrooms.

With that out of the way, where exactly are they located? Brightcap mushrooms are found in the Jungle and Swamp sections of the Bright Sands map. The helpful picture below has their general area circled in red.

The Jungle is probably your safest bet. You can use the Crashed Ship as cover to protect yourself from the storm. This makes it somewhat less risky to pick up the mushrooms. Again, these only spawn during storms. You also might have to wait a bit for the brightcap mushrooms to become glowy. Be careful dealing with the storm.

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