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The Cycle Frontier: Easiest Stash Locations

Not every drop in Cycle Frontier will result in good loot, but there are a few easy stashes you can always access to make every game worthwhile.




In a game where both the world and other players pose a significant threat, you might have trouble getting to some areas with enough loot to craft better equipment and get better. But, there are a few relatively easy hidden stashes to get to, and in the early game, these can guarantee that you’ll gain at least a small amount of profits out of each game.

Easiest Stash Locations in Cycle Frontier

In general, though there are two maps available in Cycle Frontier, the Crescent Falls are generally much more difficult to traverse, with little to no easily reachable stashes. So, instead, let’s focus on easy-to-reach stash locations in the Bright Sands

Near the Abandoned Mines

West of the Abandoned Mines is a small cavern with a hidden stash, among piles of rocks. Though it’s not the safest to get, as the Abandoned Mines can have a lot of players nearby, there’s a high chance you’ll be in the area either way, since it’s also the place where you can find a lot of ore.

Southwest of this place is another stash, in the small opening among more rocks is another hidden stash you can get on your way to or from the mine

Near the East Collection Point

South of East Collection Point, on a small ledge overlooking the Vaccine Labs, is another easy-to-get stash. You’ll have to tread carefully to get to it, as the ledge is rather small and you can easily fall down. On the right side of the East Collection Point, there is also a small metal tower. In a corner between it and a hill, it connects to there is another hidden stash.

Wilderness Between the Buildings

There are two easily accessible stashes in the area between the Science Campus, South East Uplink and the Water Facility. The first one is behind two boulders in front of the bridge leading to the Science Campus. The other is in a tunnel in the center of the area between the Water Facility and the South East Uplink.

The Edge of the Map

The southern edge of the map has two more hidden stashes, one directly south of the Water Facility, under a lone tree, and the other southeast of the same structure. The second stash is hidden behind a giant boulder on the farthest island peak.

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