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The Cycle Frontier: Autoloader Locations

In The Cycle: Frontier, the Autoloader is a special item used for printing equipment that requires regular charges.




In The Cycle: Frontier, players head to the alien planet Fortuna III as prospectors, where they can collect treasure and resources, but also face perils like dangerous indigenous monsters and radioactive storms (the titular Cycle) and other players who are also looking for loot.

The Autoloader is one of the most valuable loots that you can find.

Autoloader Locations in The Cycle Frontier

The Autoloader is one of the most valuable loot you can find in the game. It usually spawns in tents near the Oasis or the Starport Warehouse.

However, there is one area where it generates at a relatively high rate. This article will teach you the exact location of the Autoloader so you can get your hands on it.

Locating Autoloader

The best location to find the Autoloader is at a tent in Starport Warehouse. You can check the exact location marked on the map above.

Make sure your stamina is full and you are fully equipped, as there are a lot of monsters lurking in the area. You can either run away from them or defeat them if you have the right gear.

You can also find the Autoloader in tents near the Oasis; however, it appears more in this area. Thus, it is highly recommended to check this area first. Be wary of other people looking for the same item as they might steal your loot.

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