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Slime Rancher 2: How to Get Radiant Ore

Get up and collect precious resources for a good quality upgrade!




Slime Rancher is about growing a population of slimes on an alien planet called the Far, Far Range. Aside from taking care of the slimes, you also have to provide particular items to improve your quality of life. However, items in Slime Rancher 2 cannot be easily acquired. You have to work hard in finding the resources for you to be able to craft the items you need.

One of the items that are needed but almost extremely difficult to find is the radiant ore.

A radiant ore is a precious resource that you can find here. It is a purplish-pink cube that you can find embedded on rocks.

Since the game has just been released lately, the location and the appearance of the radiant ore are still limited and yet to be discovered. However, there are some players that have seen the radiant ore and where it is found.

With that being said, we made this guide to help you find radiant ore.

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How to Get Radiant Ore in Slime Rancher 2

If you have already explored the whole Rainbow Fields in searching for radiant ore, you might actually have already confirmed that it is nowhere to be found on the first map. The reason is that radiant ores are found in the Ember Valley. Before you can go here, you must first pop the Pink Gordo to make your way here.

Even though you have already known the place to locate radiant ore, there is still a high possibility that you will have a hard time actually spotting one. This item is extremely hard to find so it takes a lot of time and patience if you really want to collect these.

Now, if you got lucky and you pass by a radiant ore, you should be ready with you your Resource Harvester. Simply vacuum the radiant ores embedded in the rock. In one rock pile, you can harvest three ores.

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It is indeed a little amount, especially if you are aiming to craft a jetpack that requires 10 pieces of radiant ore. But basically, these are all the needed information when you are about to search for radiant ores.

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