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Return to Monkey Island: Where to Find a Coin to Buy Scurvydogs

Get the coin from this place.




The game Return to Monkey Island is an adventure point-and-click game that recently came out. It is a sequel to Tales of Monkey Island. You are again going to play as Guybrush Threepwood as you revisit iconic locations found in the series.

In one of the quests, you need to find a coin to buy Scurvydogs and we are going to show you where it is located.

Where to find a Coin to Buy Scurvydogs in Return to Monkey Island

The game Return to Monkey Island is covered in all kinds of puzzles and strategies that you need to solve. At the start, you are going to see 2 kids playing and pretending to be LeChuck and Guybrush Threepwood.

You are then going to reach a point where one of the kids suggests you head back to the shops to buy some Scurvydogs.

Obtaining a Coin to Buy Scurvydogs

If you check your rucksack at the bottom left of your screen, you are going to find a ToDo List that needs you to get Scurvydogs.

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First, you need to go inside the shop that sells Scruvydogs, it is a house with a red roof. Once inside, you will find a pegleg that has a key.

Get the pegleg and go outside. On the left of the screen, you are going to see the outhouse, it is a small house that has a red roof and a red door with a moon on it. Use the key to unlock it.

Inside, you are going to find a metal thing, click on it to obtain it. Go back to the vendor that sells Scurvydogs. Talk with the vendor and select the option “Can we get a couple of Scurvydogs?” Click the rucksack and drag the coin to him. He is going to give you 2 Scurvydogs.

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