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Grand Line Quiz Lady Level 3: Zoner Lady Location | One Piece Odyssey

She is located here!

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The Zoner Lady is a very side quest that you are able to do which will give you some rewards in a very short time and effort. It is very easy and you’ll just need to locate a hiding Lady. In this guide, we shall show you where she is to save you some time. Let’s get started and find this Zoner Lady with ease.

One Piece Odyssey – Grand Line Quiz Lady Level 3 : Zoner Lady Location

Quest Start Location

The quest giver for the Zoner Lady will be located inside the Water Seven City Area. As you can see in the picture above, you just need to be looking for her next to the water well region. Once you find the water well, you can see her on the side.

Interact with her and you’ll begin the quest.

Zoner Lady Location

The Zoner Lady will be hiding inside the Dock One map region and location. You can find her in the very corner just next to the little white cart that will be placed on the corner.

When you interact with her you will complete the quest. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide has helped you out on what you need to do to find the Zoner Lady and finish this side quest. Have fun doing it yourself!

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