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Genshin Impact: Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest in Shekem Hall Location

Complete these quests first to unlock the seal




The Genshin Impact 3.1 version update will keep gamers busy. This updated version comes with new World Quests, enemies, bosses, and other geatures. Also, locked chests may only be opened after completing a particular task. We’ll show you where to find the Luxurious Chest in Shekem Hall.

Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest in Shekem Hall Location in Genshin Impact

You must finish the World Quest, Old Notes, and New Friends: Dual Evidence before you may access Shekem hall. The Deshret Mausoleum of King Deshret contains the Luxurious Chest. You’ll need to figure out a few puzzles to break the seal on it.

Claiming the Luxurious Chest

Teleport to the Teleport Waypoint southeast of the Mausoleum of King Deshret once the world quest is complete.

Release the first Primal Ember, then proceed downward with it.

To drain the water, turn the cell in the left and the right two times.

Keep following the Primal Ember until it comes to a pillar.

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Turn around and turn on the object seen in the image above. This will cause a gust of wind to appear and lift you to the top.

Start the challenge of breaking the seal covering the Primal Ember. This challenge offers the chance to earn 1 Dendroculus as well.

You can reach the top by moving the both cells back to where they started.

The second Primal Ember will spawn once the challenge has been finished. Before releasing the Primal Ember, interact with the device to turn off the wind burst.

The Luxurious Chest’s seal will be broken if you follow the Primal Ember to the second pillar.

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