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Genshin Impact: Desert Map Entrance Location

The desert is a massive area that you can find in the western part of the Sumeru region, though it’s not visible on the map unless you visit the area first.




The new Sumeru region is huge, and it’s evident by the presence of various areas that you can discover. One such area is the desert which is located west of Sumeru. However, that area will just appear black on your map. To reveal it, you need to visit the desert area first.

In this guide, I’ll show you how exactly you can get to the desert area and reveal it on the map.

Desert Map Entrance Location in Genshin Impact

To get there, you want to head over to Caravan Rivat which is just a bit northwest of the Ruins of Dahri. You can find its location here in this image:

On the map, you’ll also find the marker for the Statue of the Seven. Once you get to Cavaran Ribat, all you need to do is follow the road and keep going forward while keeping track of the marker.

As soon as you find the Statue of the Seven, interact with it. This will then reveal around half of the entire desert area on the map for easier exploration. Also, just a bit farther ahead is the Aaru Village where you can accept quests from certain NPCs.

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