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Fortnite: All Klombo Sized Geyser Locations | Secret Quest

In Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 2, a new secret quest involving Klombo-Sized Geysers has been added.




While Klombos have vanished from Fortnite since their debut last season, a few Klombo-Sized Geysers have surfaced in a few specific areas on the Chapter 3 Season 2 map. Finding all of them will trigger a secret quest and grant you additional XP for the season’s Battle Pass. You can only discover these Klombo Sized Geysers in specific map areas.

All Klombo Sized Geyser Locations in Fortnite

On the Fortnite map, there are six Klombo-Sized Geysers. You can locate three in the desert region near Synapse Station in the south and three in the snowy area near Logjam Lumberyard in the northwest.

Fortunately, you only need to climb three of these to complete the hidden challenge. This guide will teach you where to locate all six of these Klombo-Sized Geysers.

Locating Klombo-Sized Geysers

Since you only need to access three out of six Klombo-Sized Geysers to complete the hidden challenge, you have the option to choose from the Desert Region or the Snowy Region, whichever area you’re more comfortable exploring.

In the Desert Region:

  • A Klombo-Sized Geyser can be found on the upper left side of Lil’ Shaftie Landmark
  • Another one can be located south of Desolate Delta
  • The last one in the Desert Region can be seen east of Drifty Dunes

In the Snowy Region:

  • The first Klombo-Sized Geyser is located north of Seven Outpost II
  • Another one is also found near Seven Outpost II, on the lower right side
  • The last Klombo-Sized Geyser is accessed west of Washout Wharf, and northwest of Choppin’ Chateau

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