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Enshrouded: Legendary Wailing Blade Location

Get your own legendary melee blade!




The Legendary Wailing Blade weapon is a pretty decent melee option in Enshrouded overall. Especially during early to mid-game, this is a very capable sword. It can be a bit of a pain to locate though.

The Legendary Wailing Blade can only be found in one specific location, so it’s not the easiest weapon to find. This guide aims to give you the location of the Wailing Blade.

Legendary Wailing Blade Location

You can find the Legendary Wailing Blade in the Scavenger’s Stash cave. Here, there is a chest that contains the sword we want.

Head to the location of the Scavenger’s Stash cave marked below on the map. There are some enemies at the entrance of the cave, so be wary of them. 

Map Location in Enshrouded

Once you enter the cave, you will spot a treasure chest lying in the middle of the cave. It is highlighted in the map below.

Cave in Enshrouded

Open this chest to receive your Legendary Wailing Blade. The Wailing Blade has 14 base damage, with 160 max durability. By upgrading the weapon, its effectiveness can be increased further. 

Wailing Blade in Enshrouded

This should help you find your own Wailing Blade. It’s hidden in a random cave, so the game doesn’t make it very easy to locate it. With this guide, it shouldn’t be difficult at all!

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