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Enshrouded: Lapis Lazuli Location

Locate some Lapis Lazuli and put it to good use!




Enshrouded features a ton of collectible resources that can be used while crafting. Some of them are rarer than others, and the blue shiny Lapis Lazuli is one of them. A rare late-game item, it can be very difficult to locate.

Lapis Lazuli is found in very few locations. Without a guide, it can be very difficult to find some. This is where this article comes into use!

Lapis Lazuli Location

To find Lapis Lazuli’s location, you need to head to some specific spots on the map. You need to go through some areas for that, and they are all talked about below. 

To start, head to the Nomad Highlands Fast Travel point. It is highlighted on the map below if you need it.

Map in Enshrouded

From here you need to travel South for a bit. Having a Glider is extremely useful here. 

Gliding in Enshrouded

Keep heading South through the Vukah Cave Passage until you get to this point on the map. You will have to jump off a cliffside to get here. 

Marker in Enshrouded

In this clearing, you should be able to find some Lapis Lazuli. Look for blue stone-like objects embedded into the ground and use your pickaxe on them. 

Mining in Enshrouded

Close to here is another location to farm some Lapis Lazuli. Follow the arrow and go from your current location to this marker. 

You should come across this large rock with Lapis Lazuli surrounding it. You should build your own Fast Travel location here so you can access this more easily. 

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