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Elden Ring – Rare Hidden Armor Sets You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Elden Ring has a lot of rare hidden items that you can obtain if you just know where to find them.




Elden Ring features a lot of armor sets that will help you progress into the endgame. Some of them are already widely known to players. However, there are certain sets that only a couple of Tarnished know. Below are some of the sets that are too useful to overlook.

Rare Hidden Armor Sets You Wouldn’t Want to Miss in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, armor sets contain four armor pieces. These are Helmets, Chest Armors, Gauntlets, and Leg Armor. Fortunately, most of them are dropped as a set. Although some can be obtained quite easily through quests. Here are a few of the rare hidden armor sets you can get:

Bloodhound Knight Armor & Gelmir Knight Armor

You’ll have to make your way through a lava room with a chariot patrolling it. You can use the room’s safe spots to avoid it. On the left side, there will be a broken path. Head upstairs and enter the tunnel with the flames coming out.

There will be another chariot guarding the room. Jump down the bridge towards the ledge.  Straight up north will be the mini-boss who will drop the Bloodhound Knight Armor set. Behind that boss, there will be a corpse where the Gilmer Knight Armor set can be found.

Tree Sentinel Armor & Crucible Axe Armor

You can find both the Tree Sentinel Armor set and Crucible Axe Armor set by solving a secret puzzle in Auriza Hero’s Grave. Once inside, follow the path towards the boss room. Once you reach the third chariot, instead of heading to the boss room behind it, find the corpse that’s resting by the ledge. Align yourself to it and jump towards the rails below. This will lead you to a secret room, where a fourth chariot is found.

Find the place with a fire pillar and hit the pillar to solve the puzzle. Make your way back to the big area with the two chariots. The chariots will collide and give you the Tree Sentinel Armor. Since the pathway is clear, you can make your way toward the Crucible Boss duo which will drop the Crucible Axe Armor set.

Nox Monk Armor

The best farming spot for the Nox Monk Armor and all of its variants is Nokstella, the Eternal City, where five Nox enemies spawn. One enemy will be located near the staircase, while the rest will be found near the river. Search the area and kill Nox enemies to complete the set.

Fire Prelate Armor & Fire Prelate Crozier

To farm the Fire Prelate Armor set, you need to kill Fire Prelate enemies in front of the Guardian’s Garrison at the Mountaintop of the Giants. Simply head to the area and defeat all enemies and the armor set will be dropped.  On the other hand, the Fire Prelate Crozier is also dropped by a Fire Prelate at Fort Laiedd on your way towards the Volcano Manor.

White Reed Armor Set

You can obtain the White Reed Armor set in the Spiritcaller Cave. Once inside, keep a straight path until you reach a room full of wolves. Instead of heading towards the boss room, find the area where there will be a wolf resting near a tree. In front of that tree, there will be a corpse that has the White Reed Armor set, except for the helmet. The helmet can be obtained by defeating the invader at the Church of Repose.

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Overwatch 2: Is the Battle Pass Worth It | True Cost of Battle Pass

Does the battle pass for Overwatch 2 live up to its cost?





The Overwatch seasons last two months and for every season there is a battle pass that includes various rewards, such as character skins, weapons, etc. The battle is an important asset of every online shooter game since it helps players to upgrade their game and characteristics.

The True Cost of The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass | Is the Battle Pass Worth it

There are two tiers of the battle pass, one that is free, and one which is premium. The free tier includes the following items: Kiriko (available at tier 55), 2 Legendary skins, 2 weapon charms, 2 souvenirs, 1 Highlight intro and 15 additional items such as sprays, emotes etc.

How long does it take to get to level 55?

When asked how long does it take to unlock all the heroes, commercial lead Jon Spector said:

“The reason why we put Kiriko at tier 55 instead of 80 on the free track, is that we really want our players to unlock all the characters, we are not trying to put them far out of reach or make it really hard for the typical players out there.”

Jon Spector

If you are a more hard-core player, and your goal is to unlock Kiriko as fast as possible you are able to reach that milestone in the first few weeks. If you are a casual player, you would be able to reach Kiriko a little bit later, but well before the season ends.

The True Price of the Premium Battle Pass

The second one, the premium battle pass is richer with loot, with immediate access to Kiriko, and other heroes, a battle pass boost of 15%, a mythic skin, 5 legendary skins, 2 epic skins, 3 play of the game intros, 4 weapon charms, 3 emotes and souvenirs, 6 poses and name cards, 8 player icons, 11 voice lines and 12 sprays.               

It costs 1000 Overwatch coins which is the in-game premium currency. You can either earn that currency with in-game challenges or you can buy it with real-life money. Note that the challenges are limited and you can earn up to 540 coins per season if you complete all the challenges.

So, you would need to complete all challenges for two seasons to earn a battle pass. 500 coins are worth $5, and 1000 coins are worth $10. If you do the math, you would come to the conclusion that you would need to spend money to get the premium battle pass.

If you play regularly, and complete challenges earning those 540 coins per season, it means that you would have to pay 30$ per year to unlock all premium battle passes from all the seasons.

If you buy the premium battle passes you would spend $60 a year, which is not much but for the average player who is playing a free-to-play game, it’s not really bad because the game doesn’t lock all the heroes so it is possible to earn all the heroes through the free battle pass tier, although you would have to put a lot of time in the game.

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