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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Use the Crystal Key

The Crystal Key is an item that you use to unlock and access a hidden cave somewhere around Dazzle Beach.




Ursula is one of the many characters that you will meet in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can find her somewhere around Dazzle Beach, and she’ll give you a quest as well as the Crystal Key upon interaction.

However, she won’t really tell you where you can use the key. Luckily, this guide will tell you where.

Where to Use the Crystal Key in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before anything else, you first need to look for Ursula. You can find her inside her cave northeast of Dazzle Beach. As soon as you get there, simply talk to her and she will then give you a quest well as the Crystal Key.

You’ll be using the Crystal Key to unlock another cave somewhere else in Dazzle Beach. You can find the entrance to that cave in this area of the map:

Once you get there, you’ll notice a pedestal to the right side of the entrance. All you need to do is interact with the pedestal and place the Crystal Key. Shortly after, it will then open the entrance to the cave.

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When you get inside the cave, you’ll notice a magic gate alongside three glowing statues. These are part of the quest that Ursula gave you. You can find the details on how to complete that quest on our “With Great Power” quest guide.

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