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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Find The Hidden Book Locations

Lend a Hand to Remy by finding his 3 Recipe Books.




The Quest that we will be talking about today is straight out of Remy’s Kitchen. For those of you who don’t know him, He is the little Furry Blue Rat in the Disney Movie Ratatouille.

Doing this quest will open up the kitchen and give you a shot of making his signature dish Ratatouille. In this guide, we will be showing you where to find the 3 recipe books stashed around the Valley.

Find the Hidden Book Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Start the quest by going over to Mickey and asking him if he knows where the books are hidden. He will then show you the list of where these books are stashed.

1st book location right side of the stairs leading to Dazzle Beach

Head towards Goofy’s house in the Valley and proceed to go towards Drizzle Beach. On the right side of the stairs, you will find a sparkling object between the trees. Head over there and dig up the book with your shovel.

2nd Book location near Goofy’s Stall in Dazzle Beach

The second location is in front of Goofy’s Stall. It is buried beneath the sand so use your shovel to dig it up and get it.

3rd book location by the cooking pot in the Mystical Cave

Climb down the stairs past the two gates in the Mystical Cave. You will find a  partially buried book on the soul near the cooking pot. Dig that up to get the third recipe book for Remy.

Give the Books to Remy

Speak to Remy and give him back his Recipe Books. To show you his gratitude, he will be making a dish for you with peanuts as the main ingredient. That’s for another quest line but for now, you have completed the Remy’s Recipe Book Quest.

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Frozen Flame Memorial Locations: Cradle of Keepers

Listen to the voices of those who came before.

Nicole Barelli



frozen flame memorial locations cradle of keepers

Combining Survival Action and RPG developed Dreamside Interactive’s Frozen Flame presents dozens of areas for players to explore! Within those borders, you’ll come across enemies, side quests, and collectables. One of those is the Memorial, tellers of the history of the world. This guide is here to show you all the Memorial locations in the Cradle of Keepers area.

Memorial Locations: Cradle of Keepers – Frozen Flame

Cradle of Keepers is the first and big area you’re thrown into when you start Frozen Flame. It can be scary, especially if you’re a completionist and worries about missing something! With this guide, you won’t miss the Memorials!

Memorial 1

The first Memorial will be very close to the start. Once you exit the cave, walk a little and then turn left to find the stone.

frozen flame memorial locations cradle of keepers2
Source: 04AM from YouTube

Memorial 2

Continue the path until you reach the checkpoint and trigger the cutscene. There’ll be a stone bridge on the right side of this area.

Cross it and you’ll find the second Memorial beside a tree.

frozen flame memorial locations cradle of keepers3 1
Source: 04AM from YouTube
frozen flame memorial locations cradle of keepers4 1
Source: 04AM from YouTube

Memorial 3

Advance until you find the Portal Hub of Cradle of Keepers. Head downstairs to find the Memorial there, quietly sitting beside a tree.

frozen flame memorial locations cradle of keepers5 2
Source: 04AM from YouTube

Memorial 4

For the next memorial, be ready for a little walking! From your last position, descend to the ground and you’ll see stairs.

It’s a long walk but march on and you’ll eventually reach the end as well as the fourth Memorial.

frozen flame memorial locations cradle of keepers6 1
Source: 04AM from YouTube

Memorial 5

The fifth and final Memorial of Cradle of Keepers will demand some parkour. From the fourth Memorial’s location, you’ll descend to the western portion of the mountain, basically jumping down the rocks.

There are some bright-blue pillars on the way, so you can’t miss it. Be careful with fall damage since it might kill your character.

frozen flame memorial locations cradle of keepers7 1
Source: 04AM from YouTube

Finding all the Memorials of the area will reward you with the Book of Chronos. Teleport to the Portal Hub and bring this to the ghost dragon known as, you guessed it, Chronos!

He will exchange the Book for one of the following powerful rings: Ring of Light, Fire Ring, Cold Ring, or Antipoison Ring.

Thanks to 04AM for this walkthrough! For more content, please check out his video: Frozen Flame Memorial Locations: Cradle of Keepers – Unlock POWERFUL Rings!

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