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Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed: All Poster Locations/ Gotta Catch All the Pop Art Achievement Guide

Collecting all 25 Posters in the game unlocks the Gotta Catch All the Pop Art Trophy Achievement.




Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed has 25 Pop Art Posters that you can collect. Aside from giving you the Achievement Trophy, these posters look pretty good by themselves and it would be great to have this in your collection.

In this guide, we will be showing you all 25 Posters for you to collect in Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed.

All Poster Locations for the Gotta Catch All the Pop Art Achievement in Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed

There are 25 Posters for you to collect in order for you to get the “Gotta Catch all the Pop Art”, Trophy and Achievement. To keep things simple, go to the following coordinates in the map image for you to get them.

To make things easier, you should turn on your tracker to task it to notify you if a collectable is close by. Do this by accessing your world map and choosing left or right on the object you want to track.

Simply press up on the highlighted object and your tracker will do a clicking sound when the collectable is close by. This makes all collectables easier to get to when you reach their general location.

1st location Bay City

This will take you to a hideout that from the looks of it, is frequented by hippies. Head on top of the tower to your left to get the Men’s Fashion Poster.

2nd Location Bay City

The second poster is a War Builds Men Collectible. It’s located on the brick wall.

3rd Location Bay City

This is located on the island in the middle of Bay City. Head downstairs to your right and on the wall is the third Poster.

4th Location Bay City

The Protect and Serve Poster can be found on the top floor garden in one of the apartments.

5th Location Bay City

The fifth location is by the left side of a brick wall with huge graffiti to its right.

6th Location Albion

The poster is located inside one of the rooms in the bunker with Get Out red graffiti on the wall.

7th Location Albion

The poster here is located on one of the walls of the houses here.

8th Location Albion

the next poster is located at the Bus Stop. This looks like a recruitment poster.

9th Location Albion

The 9th Poster is on a wall by the canal. It is close to the tunnel.

10th Location Albion

The 10th poster is located by a local fish n chips diner parking area. This looks similar to the Beatles cover except that it’s more colourful and as far as I know, the Beatles were not into Rainbows and bright colours.

11th Location Takoshima

The 11th Poster location is in Takoshima. It is by the dumpster and looks like the art of One Punch Man looking up towards a huge red monster with crab claws.

12th Location Takoshima

The next poster location is by the docks. It is on a wall in one of the buildings.

13th Location Takoshima

This poster is located on a wall behind the park. In front of it are a few Japanese shops.

14th Location Takoshima

The next poster location is on a wall by the guard bunker.

15th Location Takoshima

The next location is inside one of the residences in Takoshima. It’s located on the garden wall.

16th Location Tunguska

You have to board the ship to get to the next poster. It is to the left of the cargo area beside a red door.

17th Location Tunguska

The poster here is located on the first house as you enter the village.

18th Location Tunguska

The next poster is hidden behind the flammable barrels. Just blow them up to see the next poster

19th Location Tunguska

The poster is located on one of the wooden houses in the area.

20th Location Tunguska

This poster’s location is on the wall in one of the concrete buildings in the area.

21st Location Solaris

The poster is located on a gate underground in the mines.

22nd Location Solaris

This is inside one of the cave entrances and is located on a metal tablet excavated from the mines.

23rd Location Solaris

The Poster is Located inside the CCCP Building. Head inside to where a statue is located. The poster should be on the left of the entrance.

24th Location Solaris

The location is on a rock pillar overlooking the base.

25th Location Solaris

The Last Location is on the CCCP Base in outer space. It is on one of the hub buildings. Collecting all 25 of the posters will unlock the “Gotta Catch All the Pop Art” Trophy and Achievement.

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