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Cyberpunk 2077: All Hands Cyberware Locations

Find these Cyberware implants.




Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world action-adventure game similar to GTA V. You can create your own Cyberpunk by customizing your character’s skill set, playstyle, and Cyberware. You can use a variety of upgradeable weapons, hacking skills, and body-enhancing implants to conquer the streets of Night City.

One of the body-enhancing implants is the hands Cyberware and we are going to show you where you can obtain them.

All Hands Cyberware Locations in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberware is an implant upgrade that can be added to V’s body. These upgrades contain passive both passive and active buffs, and come in multiple Rarities. The higher the rarity, the stronger the effects it can provide. The best ones are the Legendary Cyberware.

Obtaining all the Hands Cyberware

Currently, there are 3 Hands Cyberware in the game.

Ballistic Coprocessor( Legendary, Epic) and Smart Link (Rare)

Go to the Ripperdoc found in Kabuki, close to Allen Street. The Ripperdoc will sell the Smart Link with the Rare variant for 6,000 eddies, BallisticCoprocessor with the Legendary variant for 16,800 eddies, and Ballistic Coprocessor with the Epic variant for 9,600 eddies.

Smart Link (Legendary, Epic, Rare), Ballistic Coprocessor (Epic)

The Ripperdoc in Little China will sell the Smart Link with the Legendary, Epic, and Rare variants, and Ballistic Coprocessor with the Epic variant. You can Fast travel to Bradbury and Buran to reach the Ripperdoc.

He is going to sell the Legendary variant of Smart Link for 16,800 eddies, the Epic variant of Smart Link for 9,600 eddies, the Rare variant of Smart Link for 6,000 eddies, and the Epic variant of Ballistic Coprocessor for 9,600 eddies.

Tattoo: Tyger Claws Dermal Imprint (common)

This imprint can be obtained as a reward for completing The Gig. You can collect this from Cassius Doc Ryders Ripperdoc. You can fast travel to Goldsmith Street to reach the shop faster.

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