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Valkyrie Elysium: How to Upgrade Weapons

Upgrade your weapon to dominate the game.




On September 29 and November 11, respectively, Valkyrie Elysium will be made available for the Playstation and Steam platforms. Odin has assigned you the responsibility of putting a stop to Ragnarok, and you will control and play as the Valkyrie Maria.

We will demonstrate how to upgrade the weapons in the game so that you can easily defeat your enemies.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Valkyrie Elysium

In order to combat in Valkyrie Elysium, you must call Einherjar, which gives you elemental abilities that make your assaults more powerful. Divine Arts are another option. You can have up to two weapons equipped at once.

In the game, you’ll encounter combos when you deal damage to an enemy. These fill up the arts gauge, which you can use to perform a Divine Art. The Storage Camp is where the weapons can be improved.

Upgrading your Weapon

Your weapon’s level, attack power, and ability to learn new attacks will all grow if you enhance it in the game. When your weapon reaches a specific level, you can additionally affix runes to it.

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Simply choosing Weapon Enhance will take you to the Weapon Enhance window when you enter the Storage Camp. To improve your weapon, you will require a specific quantity of Yellow Soul, Magic Gem, Violet Gem, and Emerald Gem.

To check that you have the materials required to upgrade your weapon, simply press and hold X on your controller. When it prompts you to view the move, you can view the new attack you acquired.

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