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Tower of Fantasy: How to Host and Play Co-Op Multiplayer

How to Best Enjoy Tower of Fantasy with Friends – Options for Co-Op Play




As with any MMORPG or online role-playing game, it is often best enjoyed with your friends as you bound over the struggles of grinding, farming, or running from one side mission to another.

While the co-op feature in Tower of Fantasy is incredibly easy to utilize, it is actually not available from the get-go, and you do need to naturally progress in the game before you’re able to reach this point – until you get a jetpack. This is done after completing the prologue.

At that point, you’ll then be able to see the other players on your server.

How to Host and Play Online Co-Op in Tower of Fantasy

To join up with your friends online, you’ll have to have them in your “Friends” list via the in-game menu. Once they’re added, you’ll see the “Team Invitations” option on their profile at the bottom, where you’ll be able to add them on to your team. Once linked up, you’ll be able to explore together, complete specific quests, and take on enemies.

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If you’d like to add a new companion online to your friends list, simply find them in the open world and click on them. Once the options pop up, you’ll be able to “Add Friend.”

An important aside is that all ‘Story’ mission will only be possible to complete solo – starting one while in a group will divide all players of the group into solo instances for them to complete it themselves.

You can also bring up the ‘Lobby’ menu in-game – from here, select the “My Team” option to create a team yourself where you can invite multiple people into your current online session. In this menu, your character will appear with empty slots. Simply click on any of the pending slots to add friends from your Friends List to the current team.

Two important things to note – the game does support cross-platform play. This means that if you’re playing on a PC or laptop, you can play with your friend who is on their phone. However, you must be on the same server to team up. Characters cannot transfer or link up between servers, so this may be important to keep in mind if you’re starting the game together with friends.

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