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The Quarry: How to Unlock All Paths

There multiple path available to choose from when you are playing The Quarry, here’s how you can unlock all 14 paths on this game.




The quarry is an adventure-type game where players get to choose from different decisions that will create different paths that will build up the game. Regardless of what decision you choose in the game, there is only one path to follow.

Thus, these paths have their consequences as you progress in the game. You will get “path updated” prompts every time you choose a decision.

How to Unlock All Paths

Path 1 – To unlock the path where you need to find the Bloodied Collar, choose the left option of “Helping Max

Path 2 – Path two will trigger the cop by choosing the option on the right side “complain”. It will trick the cop to get him to reveal the location of The Quarry

Path 3 – You will play as Jacob on this part, and both choices will trigger the “fool’s errand” path.

Path 4 – The choice for this path will come in handy in the latter phase, but make sure to pick the teddy bear on the left side of the cabin. The best option is to choose to “break in”.

Path 5 – To trigger the path – A code will show after picking the shotgun on the right side of the area. You need to come back to the storage area to open a safe. You can either choose to take or leave the fireworks that will trigger the path.

Path 6 – You will play Dylan to unlock this path. You have to look around Chris’s office, there you will find a trapdoor. Choose the right option and climb down.

Path 7 – Choose to help Nick

Path 8 – To trigger the path, if you successfully want to finish the QTE make sure to choose to “make shortcut” consecutively.

Path 9 – Remember to not throw dirt at the hunter. It will become in handy later.

Path 10 – These steps will be the best option to trigger this path; Interested > Concerned > Apologetic. Do not shoot. Aggressive > Anxious > Calm > Desperate > Chainsaw.

Path 11 – If you want everyone to survive > choose to shoot Travis rather than taking the syringe. On the other hand, after talking to Travis you can wait for the right moment > take the syringe > and inject it into Travis.

Path 12 – To trigger the path, the best option is to choose the right dialogue “Encouraging

Path 13 – Do not free Jacob.

Path 14 – To trigger the next path – the best option is to avoid pulling the knife on Ryan’s upper body.

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