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The Cycle Frontier: How To Split Item Stacks

In The Cycle: Frontier, splitting items is critical to surviving without losing your whole Inventory.




Players prospect for resources on an abandoned alien world home to monsters and beasts and are assailed by other Prospectors and mercenaries. So get your supplies and gear out and prepare for the time of your life with this game.

How To Split Item Stacks – The Cycle Frontier

When in Fortuna III, to stay alive and outscore your opponents, you have to save your supplies and gear, you do this by splitting your items.

Splitting your Items in The Cycle Frontier is pretty simple and in this guide, you will learn how to split item stacks.

Items in the Inventory

Head to your Inventory, then hold said item, Shift and click on your mouse. Once you do this, you’ll see a Split Item Screen Pop up that you can scroll through. This will help you divide items in your Inventory and add smaller or larger amounts. However, you want to ration it out. Usable items, like grenades and healing items, are the best ones to Split up.

This makes it easier to know how many you have, ration them out for your drops, and divide the items with your squad. It is also best to divide your items and only bring a limited amount so that peradventure you die on the surface.

In addition, it eliminates the possibility of losing all of your items. And then, while scavenging, combine your items with helping you save space in your Inventory.

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