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The Cycle Frontier: How to Put Attachments on Your Weapons

Attachments are an essential part of The Cycle Frontier that players can use to customize weapons.




Attachments improve the capabilities of your weapons and equipment. For example, attachments may improve accuracy, assist in aiming, increase visibility, add ammo to your magazine, or various other effects.

These Attachments can be purchased from the quick shop or gotten from raids.

How to Put Attachments on Your Weapons: The Cycle Frontier

The Attachments part of the shop is where you may buy several types of weapon attachments. Players can use each attachment to make a unique weapon. Buying attachments isn’t so expensive. So here’s a guide to getting attachments in the quick shop. 

Know the Weapon  Customize

The first step is to make a decision on which weapon you would want to customize. Then you open the attachments in the quick shop to check which you could buy. 

Go to Your Inventory

To attach accessories to your weapon, enter your inventory and place a middle mouse click on the gun you want to connect it. You can drag in and drag out attachments you have picked. You could add more cash for your attachments if you work as a group because it would benefit everyone in the group, but if you are a solo player, you might not need that many attachments. 

You can also equip attachments from your storage area by right-clicking them; they will automatically be added to the appropriate weapon’s Attachments section. It is easy to get attachments for your weapons and is very efficient in playing. 

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