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The Cycle Frontier: Crash, Freezing, and Amp; Display Problem Fix

The Cycle Frontier is an extraction Royale PvPvE shooter, essentially a lighter, more accessible take on escape from Tarkov in a sci-fi setting.




The game’s goal is to do the dirty work of a Prospector. A rather ungrateful job that consists of exploring a wilderness to fulfill various missions (called contracts in the game) for the benefit of large companies.

Within the environment, monsters and other hostile creatures will try to kill the player and rival players. Other game features include crafting and creating a loadout of guns and gear, changing the player character’s appearance with clothing and gun skins, and a Battle Pass system.

Crash, Freezing and Amp / Display Problem Fix: The Cycle Frontier

Many players have complained about The Cycle Frontier crashing, lagging and freezing. Since the game is in closed beta, these issues are expected, but it has become an unnecessary inconvenience for many. This guide contains the recommended steps that you need to do to fix and address the problem.

File Cache Integrity Check

The first thing you should do is to load Steam. Then from the Library section, right-click on The Cycle Frontier and select Properties from the menu.

Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrated game files button. This process may take several minutes because of the large size of the game but it automatically fixes any corrupted files you have in the game

Update Network Drivers

In many cases, bad or outdated network drivers can also be a significant cause of crashing. You can update them by either updating your windows which automatically detects and updates obsolete drivers, or by going to your manufacturer’s website and searching for your device’s network drivers manually.

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