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Terraria: How to Obtain Stardrop in Update 1.4.4 | Junimo Pet

The Stardrop item lets you Summon a Junimo Pet into your world.




With the latest Terraria update, players are having a blast discovering new things in the latest content under the Labor of Love Update.

One of the things that Terrarians are focusing on is the latest pet companions that are a direct reference to other games.

If you are also a fan of Stardew Valley, you’re going to love this one because today in this pet guide, we will show you how to get the Stardrop that spawns a Junimo Pet in Terraria 1.4.4.

How to Obtain Stardrop to get Junimo Pet in Terraria

Be sure to take your fishing pole for this one because you are going to do some fishing for this task. Instead of fish, you will have to focus on collecting junk items which we find funny since when we started fishing, we tend to focus more on getting good stuff instead of junk.

You might want to lower your fishing power to 50 or below. Once you have a fishing power above 50%, you will not be able to get junk items so the lower the power, the better.

Collect as much junk as you can. You will be needing the Jojo cola item which converts any of the junk items you have from fishing into the Jojo cola.

Purify the Jojo Cola item to get the Stardrop

Once you have the item, head over to your Dryad Companion. While holding the Jojo Cola in your hand, start a conversation where the Dryad will give you options on what to do with the Jojo Cola.

Select Purify and watch as the Dryad opens up the portal to Stardew Valley where the Stardrop will be available for you to pick up and use in your world.

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