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Terarria: How to Summon Cragmaw Mire

Summon the Cragmaw Mire and defeat it to get important resources!




The Cragmaw Mire is one of the many minibosses in the Terraria Calamity Mod. It notably has the Nuclear Rod item, which provides useful buffs and can be used for crafting a Star-Tainted Generator.

But how can you find the Cragmaw Mire? Let’s find out!

How to Find the Cragmaw Mire in Terarria Calamity Mod

Source: Udisen Games

The Cragmaw Mire only spawns in Hardmode. That means you will first need to find and defeat the Eye of Cthulhu. When you do so, you will automatically activate Hardmode.

You will also need to defeat the Aquatic Scourge boss. This boss spawns in the Sulphurous Sea and can be summoned with Seafood at any time.

Source: Udisen Games

Once you’ve met these prerequisites, you will need to go to the Sulphurous Sea biome. This is a green sea found on the same side as the main Dungeon.

As soon as you arrive in the Sulphurous Sea, you will need to wait for the Acid Rain weather event. Alternatively, you can force Acid Rain to happen with a Caustic Tear.

Caustic Tears can be crafted in Water or Sinks by using 5 Sulphuric Scales which randomly drop from enemies during Acid Rain.

Source: Udisen Games

While the Acid Rain is active, dive into the Sulphurous Sea. The Cragmaw Mire will be waiting for you near the ocean floor. Its location is random, but it’s guaranteed to spawn when the conditions are met.

Also, be careful as you dive into the ocean floor as the Sulphurous Sea rests on top of the Abyss. Don’t go in too deep.

When you find the Cragmaw Mire, just kill it quickly in order to claim the Nuclear Rod and Spent Fuel Container. At this point in the game, it’s a very easy boss to take out.

As you can see, the Cragmaw Mire mostly relies on randomness, as you will need at least one random Acid Rain event to be able to summon it. Be patient when hunting it down!

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