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Splatoon 3: How to Unlock More Emotes

Emotes are custom moves for your character to give them a more personal feel. These ranges from victory poses to in-game taunts.




Take any online game today that has character customization in almost any genre. chances are, they would have some sort of cosmetic that you can unlock to give them a variety of custom moves that aren’t that much use in the game other than making your character look unique with a variety of moves to flesh out their personality.

From victory poses, in-game taunts, and even how your character interacts or moves is one of the features on your emotes tab. This has been the trend for games these days to give your character options on how you want to project them in-game.

Usually, these custom move sets can be obtained via the shop or when participating in an event of some sort to be awarded to you. In Splatoon 3 however, you might find obtaining them might be a little different.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to unlock more emotes for you to choose from and equip as you do the latest content the Salmon Run in Splatoon 3.

How to Unlock More Emotes in Splatoon 3

Initially, you get two free emotes for your character in Splatoon 3. These are “The Lowdown”, where you twirl and strike a pose and “Flip Out” where you jump and twirl your guns. These items or moves can be customized and seen in your Emotes Tab.

Unlocking more of these emotes would require you to upgrade your catalog.

Your catalog has a level in Splatoon 3, you upgrade them by doing in-game content and just playing the different content in the game. Engage in multiplayer mode and salmon run.

Check Rewards for your Multiplayer Games

If you have clocked in a number of games in the salmon run, you will be given rewards that would upgrade your catalog. To check those head over to the rewards section of your Salmon Run.

Here you will be given sets of gear that you can swap on your character. Doing this not only gives you the salmon run rewards, but it also upgrades your catalog.

So every multiplayer content that gives you rewards will unlock things for you to purchase in the store. With that explained, next, you have to head on to the general store.

Head to the General Store and check your Catalog Level

If this is your first time accessing it or have done a number of games without visiting, it would be highlighted with an exclamation point that indicates that there is new content available in the store.

Purchase the emotes when they become available

This is where you check if your catalogue has been upgraded. The higher the level upgrade, the more items and emotes you can purchase for your character.

So essentially, just play the game to unlock more content. this in turn upgrades your catalogue level and in return, unlocks more items and emotes for you to purchase in the store.

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