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Splatoon 3: How to Play with Friends Online | Multiplayer Guide

Clearing game content is more fun and efficient if you team up with friends.




After Clearing the Game Story in Single-Player, it’s now time for you to tackle the multiplayer content in the game Splatoon 3.

If you are planning on going multiplayer now, it’s a good time for you since Splatoon 3 has launched the Salmon Run where you and your friends can clear waves of enemies for good loot.

If You’re Lucky (or unlucky, depending on the outcome), you might have the chance to battle King Salmonid Cohozuna on the unlockable fourth wave for more rewards upon completion.

In this guide, we will show you how to unlock multiplayer for you and your friends online in Splatoon 3.

Multiplayer Guide on How to Play with Friends Online in Splatoon 3

Head over to set up the game content you want to play. For this example, we will choose the Salmon Run Content.

Notice on the bottom of the screen there will be an option to do the game solo or with friends. The default setting for this is solo so just tap the right button to transfer it to friends. This would activate the multiplayer mode for the game.

Create a Room for your Salmon Run and set up a crew

Next, you will have to create a room for your friends to join in. here you will have the option of setting up a room password where you can send your password to friends to join you or leave it public where anyone who is searching for a Salmon Run Match to participate.

you can also turn on voice chat or off depending on your preference. It is best to have them on especially when you are with friends so it would be easier to communicate battle strategies that would help clear the wave much more efficient especially if you plan on taking on the game boss.

Invite your friends over to your room and when everyone is ready, start the match.

Creating a room from the Lobby

To do this in the lobby. Just head over to your map and select the lobby. When you get to the area, head over to the metal teleporter and select the mode you want to play on.

Select the Mode you Want to play

There are numerous modes to choose from. Scan through the list of modes you want to play and select the one you want for you and your friends to enjoy.

From here you should set your content to play with friends. This can be done by pressing the right button. This will allow you to create a room. Set your preferences i.e. password and voice chat on or off then to invite your friends over.

Once they are all in the room hit the start button and begin your game.

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Source: RonEmpire from YouTube

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Source: RonEmpire from YouTube

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