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Soulstice: How to Perform Synergy Attacks

Unleash your true power by knowing the perfect synergy attacks.




Reply Game Studios released a new game about two sisters who have been born chimeras. The protagonists, Briar and Lute both have superpowers. However, Lute is already a ghost after being sacrificed to be bonded with her sister, Briar.

The difference between these two is their abilities. Briar has superhuman strength and resilience, while Lute has mystical powers.

Due to their big differences, both in power and state, your job is to make them work together perfectly. To easily slay enemies and reduce the damage you receive, you have to learn their synergy attacks. It might seem confusing and overwhelming at first, but as you get the hang of it, everything will just follow naturally.

Therefore, we made this brief guide to help you understand how synergy attacks work and how you can use them well inside the game.

How to Perform Synergy Attacks in Soulstice

In order for you to make a synergy attack, you have to increase the Unity Level of Briar and Lute. You can monitor this on the upper right corner of the screen with Briar and Lute’s picture. You will know that you are making an increase if their pictures are getting close to each other.

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To increase the unity level, you have to perfectly perform and land combo attacks with Briar and counters with Lute. Take note that you should also not receive any damage to increase this.

Going back to the unity level, if the pictures keep on getting closer to each other, it will eventually turn into gold. Once it happens, you can now perform a synergy attack.

If you are using the sword, which is also the default weapon, you just have to press the sword button twice quickly. After that, wait for the sword to light up, and then smash hit the sword button multiple times. By doing this, Briar will land a high-damage attack.

On the other hand, other weapons can also be used for these kinds of attacks. But there are some more things that must be ready first.

To use synergy attacks using different weapons aside from sword, you must first unlock the required combo of the weapons. Also, you have to unlock the synergy attack in Lute’s skill tree. Remember that they are sisters and the upgrade for one must also be done to the other.

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