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Souldiers: How To Get Bombs and Break Walls

In Souldiers, Bombs are used to break down walls, but you need to unlock them first by saving a Pig NPC located in Spider Lair.




Souldiers is a new retro and action-adventure game with RPG elements, developed by Retro Forge and published by Dear Villagers. The game was recently released last June 22, and players have been eager to start their journey.

As a newly released game, a lot of people are still grasping its mechanics and features. This article will focus on getting bombs to break walls in Souldiers.

How to Get Bombs and Break Walls in Souldiers

To access Bombs, you need to rescue a Pig NPC located in Spider Lair. Bombs are useful items that are used to break down walls in the game. In order to proceed in the game’s content, it’s important to unlock this first.

This guide will teach you where to locate the NPC, how to unlock Bombs, and how to break down Walls using Bombs.

Breaking Walls

In Souldiers, you need to have Bombs to break down Walls. However, Bombs are only unlocked after saving Balof, a Pig NPC in the Spider Lair, which location is shown on the map above.

Once you locate Balof, defeat the surrounding spiders and free him from the spider web. He will then give you access to bombs and teach you how to break down walls using them.

To throw a bomb, press L2. To place a bomb on the ground, hold L2.

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