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Souldiers: How To Burn Spider Webs | Igneous Orb Location

In Souldiers, Spider Lair is the first location in the game filled with Spider Webs. You must have the Igneous Orb to burn it down.




Souldiers is a new epic Metroidvania and action-adventure RPG game created by Retro Forge. The game was published on June 22nd, and players are excited to begin their adventure. Since the game is still new, players are still learning the basics.

This article will talk about the Igneous Orb, which grants the ability to burn annoying Spider Webs abundant in Spider Lair.

How to Burn Spider Webs in Souldiers

The Igneous Orb is the first orb you will find in Spider Lair, the first location in the game. This will give you fire abilities to burn down Spider Webs and deal damage to enemies that are weak against fire property.

If you’re sick of the Spider Webs found in the area, this guide will teach you how to get the Igneous Orb for you to burn them down.

Locating the Igneous Orb

Head to the location marked on the map above. You will find that this area has a lot of platforms with enemies all over the place.

You just have to work your way to the upper right, where you saw the boss in the cutscene. However, you need to solve a puzzle first.

Head to the upper right as far as possible and then go to the very far left at the top. Push the large stone here to the right until it falls into a cage shown in the photo below.

Then, break the branch above the leftmost cage as shown on the picture below to release another large stone. These stones will set up the cages in their proper areas to act as platforms. Now, we can use these platforms to fight the boss.

Once you defeat the boss, step on the switch, and a treasure room will be unlocked on the left side where you first entered. This treasure room holds the Igneous Orb.

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