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Slime Rancher 2: How to Fast Travel

Fast Travel in Slime Rancher 2 can be a bit confusing on your first try.




In any game, there are two things that we look for. How to save your progress in the game and how to fast travel to different locations on the map.

Slime Rancher 2 is a game with exploration in mind. There are teleport points to different areas but as the areas get bigger, you will find that fast travel saves you time to get to and from your base.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to create Yellow Home Portals which you will need to fast travel from your location back to your base in Slime Rancher 2.

Guide on How to Fast Travel in Slime Rancher 2

You will first have to get the Blueprint for the Yellow Home Portal for you to Craft it on your fabricator. To do this you will have to access your Comm Station and talk to Viktor Humphries who will give you the Blueprint.

You should check your Comm Station from time to time to see if the interactive button is active. Communicating with different people will give you blueprints for you to Craft in the game.

Check the Yellow Home Portal Blueprint on your Fabricator

To create the Yellow Home Portal, you have to get the blueprint to fabricate it. the materials needed for you to create it can be accessed via the Fabricator under the Warp Tech category.

The resource materials you will have to collect to fabricate this will be x250 Newbucks, x10 cotton plort, x10 jelly stone, and x10 Deep Brine.

Upgrade Your Vac Pack with the Resource Harvester

To harvest resources, you will have to fabricate the resource harvester from your fabricator. Doing this will let you harvest the resources you need in Slime Rancher 2.

Mine Jelly stone from Purple Rock formations

First on the list will be Jelly stones. Head left towards the Rainbow Fields and look for purple rock formations. Mine them to get jelly stone.

Get Cotton Plort from Cotton Slimes

Plorts are usually dropped by Slimes and each type of Slime drops a specific type of plort. Harvest cotton plort from the cotton Slimes. If you have the plort Collector installed on your coral then you should have a number of them in your inventory.

Head to the cliffs beside water formations to get Deep Brine

Deep Brine can be harvested from geysers near bodies of water. Head over to the cliffs near the water edge to look for geysers that bubble the liquid to get them.

Head to your base and fabricate Yellow Home Portal

Once you collected enough materials, head over to your conservatory to access the Fabricator. On the warp tech tab, select the Yellow Home Portal and fabricate it. This will give you the Yellow Home Portal Gadget for you to use.

How to Use the Portal

To use the gadget, head over outside and start your exploration. Press T to enter gadget mode and place the yellow home portal on the ground.

To fast travel, just press E to interact with it. Using it will restore the gadget to your inventory and transport you to the teleport portal in your base.

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