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Shadow Warrior 2: How to Parry?

Unlike many other shooters, in Shadow Warrior 2 melee weapons are just as effective as guns. But to use their full potential, you’ll need to learn every skill associated with them – including parrying.




In Shadow Warrior 2 you’ll use a variety of ranged and melee weapons to battle demons, monsters, cultists, mobsters, and a cybernetic army.

With enemies like that, you’d want to be prepared for every situation by mastering everything about the game’s combat. This includes a melee weapon-only mechanic, known as parrying.

How to Parry in Shadow Warrior 2

When you have a melee weapon equipped, all you need to do is press the “R” button on your keyboard or the “X” button on the Xbox controller to parry.

But, don’t worry if you’ve mapped your keys differently. Parrying is always under the same button as reloading.

To perform a successful parry, you’ll need to wait for your enemy to attack and press the button at the exact moment the attack is about to hit you.

Parrying Effectively

You can pretty much parry every melee attack in the game, but this doesn’t mean that you should stop dodging enemy attacks as well. As the game is in the first person, using parries to fight a large group of enemies can be hard, as they can easily flank you.

However, arrying works best against a single, strong, melee fighting enemy or if it’s used in combination with dodging. Remember that parrying is nothing more than one more tool at your disposal

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How To

Genshin Impact: How to Operate Prism of Khaj-Nisut

Don’t get stuck and reach Khaj-Nitsu upper floor.





Operating the Prism of Khaj-Nisut is a quest objective part of the Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand quest, which in turn is part of the Golden Slumber questline. After beating the three trials in Khaj-Nisut, you’ll be asked to find your way there, enter its main structure, and explore the lower floor.

You’ll eventually come to the upper one, and there a puzzle awaits you. Let this guide teach you how to Operate Prism of Khaj-Nitsu and reach the floor.

How to Operate Prism of Khaj-Nisut in Genshin Impact

Getting to the Prism

After you’re done exploring the lower floor and your objective changes to Operate Prism of Khaj-Nitsu, return to the main hall of the structure and look around for an updraft.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet

The updraft will take you to a series of floating platforms. Ignore them and focus on the two Four-Leaf Sigils visible from the highest point of the updraft, as using them in succession will leave you in front of the Prism.

It’s red colored and in the center of a platform that is also in the center of everything else.

The puzzle has you change and operate the Prism to move the platforms in a way that they aren’t interrupting any Primal Beam. Doing so without understanding can just worsen the puzzle and make it more complicated.

There’s more than one solution to this puzzle, but to avoid the hassle use the shortest one we provide for you:

  • Operate
  • Switch (The Prism will turn blue)
  • Operate
  • Operate

When the deed is done a mechanism will appear. Use the Four-Leaf Sigil close to it to stick to the wall and Start Up the mechanism.

A short scene triggers showing you an elevator. Walk to the center of the platform-elevator and Activate it to reach the upper floor. You’re done here.

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