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Roblox: How to Solve Color Code | Apeirophobia Level 7

Colour Codes is a great puzzle in Bear(Alpha) in Roblox. As easy s it sounds, it’s a little bit hard to decode the colour codes




Roblox isn’t a game; it’s a platform where users may play games created by other people. It resembles the PC platform Steam more than any online children’s game in this regard. This game uses codes for different levels, so we will walk you through getting your codes today. 

How to Solve Color Code| Apeirophobia Level 7 – Roblox

You’ll need to look around the map for a set of four-digit colour codes, then click on the White Panels to make the correct combination. The timer will be reduced by 30 seconds if you have the right combination.


Find the Computer

When you get into the room, you will find a computer on the table, and on this computer, you will have a list of colour codes like this:

Red – one

Yellow – five

Green – two

Blue – three

Grey – four

orange – seven

 And then, below this, it shows an example: A equals amount while equal blue colour. 

Search for the Colour Spheres

To get or form your codes, you will need to search around the room because there are minor colour spheres or orbs that you have to collect. Once you are done collecting as many orbs as you can find in the space, you need to go back to where your computer is to start your coding. 

The Number of Orbs

Your code is the number of orbs you have found in the room.

 For example, let’s say you find two {2} grey orbs, three {3} yellow orbs and one {1} orange orb. When you get to the computer, you will type in the number of a particular sphere and its number. 

(2-grey4number code, 3-yellow5numbercode, 1-orange7number code) so the code is {243517}.

Once you get this code, it will appear on the bottom, find the door and use the code to unlock it. 

Follow these straightforward steps, and you get your codes quickly. 

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1 Comment

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