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Roblox: How to Get Awakened Mochi Fruit in One Piece Game

Get the strongest devil fruit in the game.




A One Piece Game in Roblox just updated. The patch brings us a rework to Geppo and some balancing fixes. It also features the long-awaited Mochi Fruit Awakening players are going crazy about. We are going to show you how to obtain it!

How to Get Awakened Mochi Fruit in a One Piece Game in Roblox

If you watched or read either the anime or the manga of One Piece, you know that Katakuri, a Devil Fruit user and a first commander of the Big Mom pirates, harnesses the power of Mochi.

The new update of A One Piece Game now has the Awakened version of this Mochi Fruit, and it is currently considered the strongest Devil Fruit in the game. The Awakened Mochi Fruit can be obtained from the Gem Merchant.

Obtaining the Awakened Mochi Fruit

You can awaken the Mochi Fruit from the Gem Merchant. But take note that before awakening the devil fruit, you need to fulfill these conditions:

  • reach Future Sight by maxing out your Observation Haki
  • eat the Mochi Fruit
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The Awakening costs a total of 11,300 Gems.

Awakening the Mochi Fruit will unlock the following skills:

  • Donut Punch
  • Mochi Bullets
  • Shower of Mochi
  • Mochi Ground Destroyer
  • Observation Haki
  • Donut Roll (can travel on water and use Geppo at the same time)
  • Emission

The Awakened Mochi Fruit is currently the strongest in the game. The damage of the skills you can unlock can one-shot some bosses.

Pair the Awakened Mochi Fruit with the Candy Scarf and the Mogura Trident that you can obtain by defeating Katakuri, to become like him and dominate the game.

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