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Pokemon Unite: How to get Mew For Cheaper | Mew Abilities and Moves Guide

Obtain and learn all about Mew.




Pokemon Unite is now having its 1st anniversary and there are exciting events, new Pokémon, and a newly added map. Play the game in the new Theia Sky Ruins and look forward to the arrival of Mew, Dodrio, and Scizor. This article is going to show you how to obtain Mew without spending much!

How to get Mew For Cheaper in Pokemon Unite

The anniversary of Pokemon Unite has the Mew’s Mural Challenge event, where you can get Mew for free. To get Mural fragments you need to finish Mural Missions and reach 100 for each fragment to get the legendary Pokemon.

You can instantly reach 100 by using 100 gems if you want to get Mew early. But that is not the cheap way. You only need to play a few games and do the missions if you want to finish without spending a dime. You can also buy blue orbs to reveal a fragment.

Mew Movesets and Abilities

Mew is a ranged attacker that deals Special Attack damage. As in the original lore, Mew is a very unique Pokemon, and it enjoys the similar rare status in Pokemon Unite.

When Mew uses a move, it gains a boost counter; a maximum of three counters can be stored.  When it reaches 3, the next basic attack of Mew becomes a boosted attack and consumes all boost counters.

Mew’s ability is Synchronize, which increases the movement speed of both Mew and nearby allies for a short time every time Mew uses a Move. Upon reaching Lv. 5, it will unlock the Move Reset icon to reset Mew’s moves to learn new ones.

Mew has 6 moves available. These are:

  • Lv. 1 Moves
    • Electro Ball
    • Solar Beam
    • Surf
  • Lv. 3 Moves
    • Coaching
    • Light Screen
    • Agility

You can use Mew as either an attacker or support due to its moveset. With the Unite Move, Mystical Mirage, Mew floats and creates a field where allies in the area enter stealth mode. While doing this, Mew becomes invincible. Mystical Mirage deals damage to opponents after a set amount of time passes.

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