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Paladins: How to Get Crystals?

Like most free-to-play games, Paladins uses a few currencies. And the most valuable of those are definitely crystals.




In order to unlock more champions, cosmetics, or even treasure chest rolls, you’ll need to either save a lot of gold or use a different type of currency, called crystals. However, getting them is not as easy as it may seem at first.

How to Get Crystals in Paladins

Paladins: How to Get Crystals?

Crystals are a Premium currency, and therefore you’re mostly expected to buy them with real money.

The prices start at 4.99 USD for 200 crystals, but the price-per-crystal gets better the more you buy at once, with the most expensive bundle of 8000 crystals going for 99.00 USD. But there are a few ways to earn crystals without spending your hard-earned cash.

Events and Trials

Paladins: How to Get Crystals?

Even though events are very rare, crystals can be given for redeeming promotional codes or during special events. The most straightforward way to earn crystals right now is to participate in the Trials of the Realm.

These are tied to the Event Pass mechanic. Every time a new Paladins patch comes out, a new Trial of the Realm map is released. Each player is then given two tickets, which can be used to unlock more challenges, which in turn give more tickets. And some of the rewards for completing the Trial of the Realm challenges include crystals.


Paladins: How to Get Crystals?

Another way to earn crystals is by using the Refer-A-Friend feature. On the game’s official website, you can create your own Referral Link by clicking the “Refer a friend” option, found in the “account info” section of your profile.

Sending this link to your friends will give you rewards based on your friend’s progression in the game. You’ll also earn bonuses for playing with the referred friend for a set number of hours.

However, crystals are only rewarded for great achievements in these fields – you need to get 5 of your referred friends to get your first bundle of this precious currency.

Other Bundles

Paladins: How to Get Crystals?

Although it still technically requires using real money, crystals are often included with DLC you can buy for the game. For at least three years, each season pass came with 1500 crystals and a 10% bonus to every crystal bundle you’ll buy in the corresponding year.

But, by combining all the different ways to get crystals, you shouldn’t need to buy all that much either way, so do that only if you’re truly interested in the season pass on its own.

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