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Overwatch 2: Kiriko Ability Overview | How to Play Kiriko

Protect your allies. Aim at your opponent’s head. And let the Kitsune guide you.




Kimiko is an upcoming Support hero for Overwatch 2. Raised by her grandmother and mother, Kiriko is a highly spiritual character and this shows in her kit, equals part a ninja and the fox shrine maiden of Kanezaka.

Kiriko is meant to be a mobile support, but she’s more than that. Let us look at her kit and how to best use it for her arrival on October 4.

Kiriko Ability Overview | How to Play Kiriko in Overwatch 2

Wall Climb

Like Genji and Hanzo, Kimiko’s able to climb vertical surfaces by jumping at them. Its movement speed and maximum climb distance haven’t been revealed, but going by the ability’s name (the same as Hanzo’s) we could guess the movement speed will be 7.8 m/s (vertically) and will have a max range of 4 meters.

There is not much to this ability. Being able to reach high ground gives you an edge to chase your allies (or opponents) and a safer place where to attack from. Use the environment to your advantage!

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Healing Ofuda

Her primary fire. You count with an ammo of 10, but each shot uses 2 of your talismans, so you’ll have to reload after using it 5 times. They got a healing value of 20 and despite being somewhat slow; they have a unique gimmick: they’ll lock onto your target ally and track them around!


Kimiko’s secondary fire. You can launch one every 0.55 seconds and count with 12 of these kunais before needing to reload. Their damage is small – for regular hits, that is. If you hit headshots the damage for the kunai is 120!

This creates a sweet trade-off as the damage is massive, but the kunai being small projectiles make the headshot hard to take and sets a precedent for high-skill gameplay.

Swift Step

Teleports Kimiko to her allies. It boasts an incredible range and the capacity to go even through walls. The cooldown is of 7 seconds, so you’ll want to think carefully about moving into the thick of the action to heal an ally because you won’t be able to get out as quickly.

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Protection Suzu

Throw a bell and make all your allies in the area invulnerable for 0.75 seconds. The time window is short, but it can’t be overstated just how powerful ability like this is as it can let you ignore an enemy’s Ultimate.

Not only that, but it also removes most negative effects, among which we can include Reinhardt’s Shatter, Sombra’s Hack, and Ana’s Sleep!

(Ultimate) Kitsune Rush

Kimiko summons a fox spirit that rushes forward and creates a large path that buff her and her allies with an accelerated cooldown, reload time, and rate of fire for 10 seconds. As its name says, this ability is perfect for rushing into enemy territory and it will surely be a complete gamechanger in chokepoints.

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