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NEBULOUS: Fleet Command – Fix Fatal Error, Crashing, Black Screen & Infinite Loading

Imagine spending a long time thinking about your next move and placing down tactics for a surefire win, only for your efforts to go to waste as the game crashes?

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This would be frustrating for a lot of people, but as Nebulous: Fleet Command is still on early access, these are the types of bugs that most purchasers expected to run into. Buying an early access game usually entails such cons but it also gives the enthusiastic fans early hands on the game as it develops and even contribute to the development stage. So what do we do when the game gives you bugs?

Fix Fatal Error, Crashing, Black Screen & Infinite Loading – NEBULOUS Fleet Command

Keep in mind that since the game is still on early access, most bugs that you will encounter in the game could be fixed by a later patch or update. While there still are not set steps given by the developers, here are some of the common fixes for these types of bugs.

Verify the Integrity of Game Files

The Remedy-all of most game problems on Steam, this step usually fixes all the problems in any game by looking through and replacing damaged game files. Here’s how to do it:

  1. On Steam, look for Nebulous: Fleet Command
  2. Right-click on the game and select “Properties”
  3. Click “Local Files” then “Verify integrity of game files”

Let Steam do it’s magic and, once done, launch the game and see if you still run into the problem. If you do, let’s go to the next step.

Allow Controlled Folder Access To The Game

There are rare instances of games needing access to folders that Window declared a “no-no zone” for other executables aside from itself.

This can cause problems to the game’s programming and may result in the crashes you experience throughout your playthrough. To prevent this, here are the steps to give your game access:

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard or click the Start icon on the bottom left of your desktop.
  2. Go to “Settings” > “Update & Security” > “Windows Security” > “Virus threat & protection”
  3. Click “Manage Settings”
  4. Look for the part that says “Controlled folder access” then click on “Manage Controlled folder access”
  5. Simply turn “Controlled folder access” from on to off.

If this doesn’t work on to our final resort.

Reinstall the game

Like all good captains, it’s always a good thing to have a sense of when to call things quits. While this is not optimal especially if you progressed too far into the game, it might be the only thing to do to start with a clean slate.

If this doesn’t work then go ahead and contact Steam Support or head over to the discussion board to give feedback to the devs.

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