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Modern Warfare 2: How to Unlock the MP5 and Dead Silence Early

We’ve got the goods on how to secretly ‘unlock’ the MP5 and the Dead Silence field upgrade in the new Modern Warfare 2 Beta.




The controversial ‘Dead Silence’ has returned as a field upgrade in the Modern Warfare 2 beta, for both multiplayer and Warzone. We’ll explain how to unlock the MP5 and Dead Silence early for access to two beloved (and simultaneously hated) features of classic Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. 

How to Unlock the MP5 & Dead Silence Early

Rather than a perk, Dead Silence will be featured as a field upgrade. For those that haven’t played any CoD games recently, ‘field upgrades’ function as an in-game piece of equipment that functions with a cooldown. As you level up your Operator, you will steadily gain access to more available field upgrades, including ‘Dead Silence.’ These can be selected from the in-game pause menu or through the main multiplayer menu. 

Dead Silence temporarily enables you to move silently, making it more difficult for enemies to hear you coming during multiplayer or Warzone. 

Unfortunately, this particular field upgrade is not immediately available, and you’ll have to level your rank to 30 before you unlock the ability to access it. 

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There is, however, a little loop around this.

Simply create a ‘new’ loadout, select the default “Hunter-Stalker” loadout, don’t change the defaulted field upgrade (which is Dead Silence) and continue along with customizing your class.

Once you drop in-game, Dead Silence cannot be immediately used. It needs time to ‘charge’ before you can apply it. The icon on your screen should indicate with a yellow border when Dead Silence is ready to be used, typically a couple of minutes after the start of the match. Once activated, the screen will have a white outer aura, indicating it is ‘active’ for a limited period of time. 

What about the much praised MP5? 

How to Obtain the MP5 in Modern Warfare 2

The MP5 is among the stronger weapons in the game, and has featured predominantly among streamers since the launch of the beta. 

So, how to unlock the weapon early in the game utilizing the loadout menu, like with Dead Silence? First, create a loadout with ‘Overkill’ as a perk selected. Choose the ‘Expedite 12’ shotgun as your primary weapon slot. Add ‘Overkill’ to your loadout. The Lachmann assault rifle will be automatically equipped as the secondary weapon. 

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You can then level it up, until you reach level 13 to obtain the Receiver for the MP5, or the submachine gun ‘variant’ of the Lachmann (as it is also referred). 

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