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Lost Ark: How to Skip Story Quests On Alts

After doing the Story Quests once in Lost Ark, you’ve probably had enough, but if you’ve created some alternative characters, the game will expect you to go through them again…




Getting your alts to a high level is not an easy task in Lost Ark. The game wants you to repeat all of the story quests on every character, and there aren’t too many options to skip them. But those options do exist, and though they might not always be the best choice, as you’ll also miss out on all the story rewards, it’s good to have them in mind.

How to Skip Story Quests on Alts in Lost Ark

There are two main ways to skip story quests on alts in Lost Ark. The first is knowledge transfer, which we’ll cover in a second, and the other is exceeding the character’s gear score. This doesn’t work for every story quest, but before starting a new continent, if your gear score exceeds the game’s expectations, you might be sent to a later continent immediately. You can get stronger gear by buying it at the auction.

Knowledge Transfer

The other way to skip the story quests is to use Knowledge Transfer to get your alts equipment level beyond the quests requirements. You’ll need to use the Knowledge Transfer machine in your stronghold and at least 600 gold for each transfer. If your machine isn’t working yet, you might need to complete all the quests in North Vern and a quest from your stronghold called “Nothing Is Impossible For Cykins”.

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