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Slime Rancher 2: How To Find Mint Mango Location Guide

The Definitive location to find rare Mint Mango




If you have ever gotten your hands on a Honey Slime, you are probably thinking of the best ways to find Mint Mango.

Honey Slimes are uncommon slimes that can be found in The Moss Blanket. The Honey Slims love Mint Mangoes. In fact, it is their favorite food so it’s best to have as much of them as possible if you want

However, Mint Mangoes are not easy to find. But, look no further, this guide will help you find those mangos in an instant. By the time you finish this guide, you will probably have a stock full of Mint Mangoes.

Where To Find Mint Mango?

Mint Mangoes are rare materials, you can only find these at Starlight Strand. You can find all kinds of Slimes and Food here, but you need to keep your eyes peeled for Mint Mango trees that have green leaves and brown bark. They can be found in these three locations, the ones circled with a black circle.

Mint Mangoes are green oval-shaped fruits that you can find near the trees. You can usually find them underneath the trees as players often discover them scattered on the ground before they even see a tree.

In total, you can only find three mint mango trees that are situated in difficult spots, so it would be best to use your jetpack to reach difficult places. In the starting location, you can craft the Jetpack with the Fabricator inside the Lab.

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