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How to Decipher the Strange Writing: Find a Clue to the Writing | One Piece Odyssey

Find all the Clues for this Strange Writing with this guide!

David Mickov



There are tons of clues you’ll need to find when playing One Piece Odyssey in some of its missions and quests.

The one with the Strange Writing is one over the top and you’ll need to become a real investigator for this one. In this guide, we are going to show everything you need to know about and complete it successfully.

Let’s get started.

One Piece Odyssey – How to Decipher the Strange Writing: Find a Clue to the Writing

You will want to talk to Robin as your first step in completing this quest. After you talk to her you’ll get a cutscene showing you the entire room and area around you.

Once that is done, you will go to the corner and find Lim. Now after talking to her she will bring you to a new area and you need to go to Alabasta now.

Alubarna Royal Mauosleum

You need to head over to the Alubarna Royal Mausoleum after traveling to Alabasta with Lim. You can just head on over to the world map and choose the fast travel option so you are going to save some time.

Ceiling Mural

When you arrive in the Mausoleum your next destination will be to head on over to the Ceiling Mural. This is on the B4F floor and level in the Mausoleum. Simply put, you just need to head as low as possible by following the stairs that will lead you down.

Once you get low enough you’ll get Lim commenting on the valley and the road that you need to be taking so you’ll know you are on the right track. When you get to the area with the gap in the middle, just use Luffy’s ability and get on over to the other side.

This is just how the road should lead you to the middle of the floor and where to find the Decipher. Just use the zaps and grasp points and you’ll get there with ease. Once you get there, the quest will be finished. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide has helped you out on what you need to do to be able to successfully finish the Strange Writing Clue mission. Have fun doing it yourself!

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